Spiritual Warfare is real and dangerous and we are in the fight of our lives.
This conflict is very real, that is why we’re told put on the Whole Armour of God –
Ephesians 6: 10-18.
It’s important for us to know who is our opponent in this battle. He is known by many
names, for example, Satan, the Devil, prince of this world or power of darkness.
This opponent tries to destroy God’s creation, because of his hatred of God.
He takes delights in accusing God’s people of sins that have been forgiven. Satan
rebelled against God and has an army of evil spirits ruled by him. They continue to
cause havoc and destruction in the world, His power is not equal to God.
He is cunning, intelligent, powerful, wicked and cruel. He will attack Christians with
lies and doubts that is why we need protection from God. In Ephesians 6: 10-18 we
are told to be strong in the Lord and put on the Whole Armour of God.
The armour provided by God, will equip the soldier for all spiritual battle, so that
he/she can stand firm in the fight.
Because it is the armour of God, it is effective. Only by wearing God’s armour,
depending on his strength and his power, can we be victorious in the fight.
Different parts of the armour
Belt – Girded with God’s truth, which is the antidote to Satan’s lies
Breastplate of righteousness – Protects our heart from being open to Satan’s
Shod our feet – Ready and prepare to spread the gospel of peace (the good news
about Jesus and his freedom)
Shield – Our faith – protect, defend against the fiery darts of the enemy.
Helmet of Salvation. This helmet protects our mind from discouragement and
Sword -The Word of God. An offensive and defensive weapon, and when used will
defeat our enemy. The sword must be sharp through prayer and the reading of
God’s word.
The Bible and Prayer are defensive and offensive weapons. Using the scriptures
when confronted will help us to prepare for all future assaults, aiming towards us.
Prayer changes all circumstances in our lives, and protects us before temptations
show themselves. Fasting also allows us to discipline our body and mind.