Children’s Prayer

Simple prayers that you can teach your child.

When I look up to yonder sky
So pure, so bright so very high
I think of one I cannot see
But one who sees and cares for me
Tis He my daily food provides
And all that I can want beside
And when I close my sleeping eyes
I rest in peace for He is nigh
Then, shall I not forever love
This gracious God who reigns above
So very good is He to me
To love a little child like me

Dear Jesus listen to my prayer
Though simple it may be
For children thou dost once declare
Might always come to thee
If I offended thee this day
Thy loving mercy show
Forgive and guide me
In the way a little child should go
Let angels guard me through the night
To keep me from all ill
O help me Lord to think aright
And always do thy will

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