It has been many years since Jesus the Son of God walked this earth.
Many other men have come and established other religions and have
died. How do we know who to follow? Can they all be true? Surely all of
them have similarities in their beliefs?
Jesus Christ was the only one to explain clearly who He was (John 1:1-
2), where He came from (John 8:42) and where He was going. (John
Many of us are looking for direction in our lives. In a world of chaos and
uncertainty, we often grasp at things or follow people who seem to be
making progress in this life and have what we think we lack.
The people who were following Jesus liked the miracles and the free
food. However, when Jesus offered the Spiritual food of “eating His body
and drinking His blood”, this was not acceptable to the majority.
Now, Jesus was not asking the people to perform the act of cannibalism
but to look to Him as the source of all heavenly nourishment in this life,
in preparation for the next. He said that He was the “Bread of Life”, the
spiritual bread which brings eternal life. (John 6:54) Jesus wanted the
people to experience real relationship with Him and be spiritually
connected to Him. Those who left from following Jesus, felt it was a
“hard saying”. (John 6:60-66)
The group that stayed with Him was asked if they would leave also. But
Peter gave an inspired answer. He said, “…to whom shall we go? thou
hast the words of eternal life. And we believe and are sure that thou art
that Christ, the Son of the living God”. (John 6:68-69)
Peter said that they were ‘sure’ of who Jesus was. The only way for us
to know the truth and be sure, we must follow the ‘Truth’. Jesus is the
‘Truth’. He said that He is the way, the truth and the life. (John 14:6) If
we follow the teachings of Jesus we will never be confused. As the
Truth, He can set us free emotionally and spiritually. Religion brings
confusion and oppression but Jesus brings true freedom.