Jesus came to this world, lived a sinless life and then died
on the Cross, for the sins of man. Mankind can now be
saved by faith in Jesus Christ. In order to be saved, one
must repent of his sins, and accept Jesus as his Saviour.
If He had not come, the world would be lost in sin without
hope, and Hell would be our eternal destiny.
When He came, He gave the universal invitation to come to
Him, seek forgiveness and find rest, and for those who
have accepted the invitation, there is a prepared home for
the faithful in Heaven.
Man’s invitations are always selective. They are never for
all, regardless of age, wealth, education or race.
Jesus is unique. He’s special. He’s impartial and as
mentioned in St Matthew 11: 28-30, He invites all men to
come to Him.
If you do, all the delights of Heaven are waiting for you. If
not, your eternal destiny is Hell.
Jesus invites you now to ‘Come to Him’